Wedding planner or wedding designer – what do you really need?

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Let’s be honest, planning a wedding isn’t really something you can knock out in one evening in front of Netflix…. & we all know the career/family/travel/children/social plates still need to keep spinning while planning is in full swing; It’s therefore no surprise why the modern day couple opt for support in the form of a Wedding Planner/Designer/Stylist…but what do these roles cover & how can they help? 



Typically, a wedding planner will begin by saving you time by sourcing the perfect supplier dream team. They may help find your venue, photographer, caterer, dressmaker etc. & then work closely with each supplier to ensure they all deliver on the day. 

A wedding planner will also handle things like logistics, admin & creating a timeline in the run up to your day. 

Some planners will also be there to coordinate your day, ensuring the day-of timeline is implemented & your soirée runs smoothly. 



A wedding designer & stylist creates the look & feel of your day. From researching the perfect colour palette, to designing your tablescape with intention & personality; every tiny detail will be considered & implemented to ensure your design comes to life on the day.

Some designers & stylists also source & produce decor and manage any suppliers who contribute to the aesthetic of your wedding e.g. lighting/furniture.  

Some planners are also designers & stylists or outsource elements of their role, while designers & stylists generally focus on the look & feel of your wedding.

So what support do you really need?

You may need a Planner if...

– Time is seriously not your friend & you don’t even know where to start with finding the perfect venue. 

– There seems to be too much choice when it comes to other key suppliers & you don’t want to risk appointing the wrong dream team. 

– You need someone to help with the general admin that comes with appointing all suppliers. 

– You don’t want the stress of worrying suppliers won’t find the venue or your dad will wander off to the toilet just before you’re about to walk own the aisle; you’re in need of someone to take the reins on the day. 

You may need a Designer if...

– You’ve booked your dream venue & other key suppliers such as photographer, caterer but when it comes to creating an overall look & feel, you’re starting to feel wedding stress kicking in! 

– You have an overflowing Pinterest board full of alllll the things & you’re struggling to decide which colour palette is your vibe. 

– You want to add your personality to your styling but design isn’t your forte. 

– You don’t know where to source the right floristry/crockery/linens/signage/lighting/furniture/stationery & you don’t have the time to traipse around wedding fairs looking for the perfect napkins. 

A wedding can take between 200-450 hours to plan, design & implement, so if appointing a professional to give you a gentle guiding hand sounds like the perfect plan, I’m here to help! 


If you’re in need of a Wedding Planner, I work alongside some fabulous one’s & I’m always happy to recommend one that will suite your personality & the level of service you need. 

If you’re in need of a Designer & Stylist… well you’re totally in the right place so pull up a chair! 

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