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So, you’ve booked a fabulous venue to celebrate your nuptials, but when it comes to creating a design, planning your styling decor & stationery, you’re struggling to find the time…and design may not be your forte!

You’ve probably folded down a few corners of a bridal magazine with some initial inspiration or lost an evening (or several) to pinning alllll of the ideas on Pinterest; You’re now a tad confused, overwhelmed & can feel the ‘wedmin’ stress starting to creep in.

Perhaps you’re struggling to gain consistency throughout your design, unsure what colour palette will compliment your venue or tearing your hair out with what stationery pieces you really need. Your other big challenge is time. 

Maybe you regularly travel for work (oh you lucky thing!), have a fabulous social calendar or are generally just trying to spin all of the work/children/life/family/wedding planning plates; Time to design, plan & source creative suppliers for your big day is scares for you, let alone time on the day to make everything look flawless on the day…

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