The value of investing in a Venue Stylist

13 | 07 | 23Venue Styling, Wedding Design

Venue styling; A service that at times isn’t graced with its own little box on the wedding planning spreadsheet (sobs).

Investing in a venue stylist however, is becoming an essential service for the modern couple who are adamant they want to save time planning their wedding, reduce the stress of spinning all the venue styling plates & don’t want to waste even a smidge of their venue styling budget. 

Below are just a handful of challenges I regularly hear from clients before they hire me & how my Venue styling service helps to:




“ I don’t need a wedding planner because we’ve already booked the big things like venue/caterer/photographer ourselves, but I have no time to manage the ever-growing list of suppliers needed to style the venue. My work/travel/family/social schedule is making it impossible to manage this part of wedding planning. ”


I hear you; It takes me an average of 92 hours to research, design, source decor, manage suppliers, travel, style a venue & clear up the day after. I totally get why you can’t find the time to bring everything together due to your wonderfully busy world and I’m all for making this part of wedding planning a hell of a lot easier for you. 



 “ We have guests arriving from all over the world in the week leading up to our wedding & we will be too busy socialising with them to manage all venue styling suppliers. “ 


I’ll be really honest with you, your wedding day will go by in a flash & having a meaningful conversation with every guest on the day (without being interrupted for photos/first dance/cake cutting etc.) is pretty unrealistic. 

The days leading up to your wedding therefore become vitally important when it comes to creating precious pockets of time with your guests; so meet those long distance relatives at the airport, book that last brunch as a Miss with your girls & I beg of you, don’t miss the pre-drinks with guests arriving the night before. Let the week running up to your day become an extension of your soirée & a stress-free one at that!



“ I just want to focus on styling myself & keeping calm on the morning of my wedding instead of stressing over the venue set up & the name cards being in the right place! “ 


Making memories with your bridal party, not rushing off after your hair appointment, not missing your wedding bouquet arrive & generally having the space to just relax & breath…these are just a few moments my clients never missed when they left the venue styling in my creatively organised hands. 



” Our venue requires us to have the space clear of all decor by 8AM! We can’t possibly manage the clear up this early after our wedding and we were planning on having breakfast with our guests! “


No one wants to be picking cigarette butts out of candle holders or locating missing napkins with the hint of a hangover at this hour. Venues all have different ‘de-rig’ times (some as early as 2am!) so I make sure I’m there with my team in good time to do the dirty work; your only job is enjoying your breakfast/hangover as newlyweds…& maybe leaving me a slice of wedding cake ; ) 



” Corrie’s style, taste, talent & exceptional eye for detail meant that I could relax completely & utterly. It was especially nice knowing that the morning of my wedding I didn’t have to worry about what everything looked like “


” I was s happy that I could spend the day before the wedding & the morning relaxing & getting ready instead of worrying about table decorations & name cards etc. “

louise + peter - cheadle, cheshire

” Not only was Corrie really easy to work with & communicate with, she is patient & happy to take on last minute requests “

claire + james - wyresdale park

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