Wedding invitations matter, here’s why

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” They only get thrown away anyway” …  

“I’ll just do one of those wedding website thingy’s” …

“I’m just going to buy one of those Etsy templates & print them at work”…



These are comments I sometimes overhear at wedding fairs/venue open days (I don’t think anyone is actually brave enough to say them directly to my face)!

Before I head off to scream into a pillow, let me be completely honest with you… 


Wedding invitations set the scene

  1. Without a doubt, your wedding invitations set the scene for what’s to come. From the carefully considered typeface inscribed on your guest envelopes, to the deliciously tactile cardstock chosen to present the details of your soirée; When your invitation suite is intentionally designed with your style/personality & love for each other at the heart, guests instantly get a glimpse of what lies ahead & oh boy, the excitement for your day begins to blossom! 

Amazing stationery DOES NOT get thrown away...

  1. The guests that matter do keep your wedding invitations & drop dead gorgeous stationery that feels just as fabulous as it looks is really damn hard to throw away.
  2. I’m always transported back to my wedding day when I visit my mum who has our wedding invitation beautifully framed in her hallway. I guess it kind of creates a little piece of family history too. 

Wedding websites have their place

  1. I think wedding websites are brilliant (no honestly, I’m not being sarcastic for once)! I believe they play a great role in helping couples share additional info like links directly to accommodation recommendation, restaurant spots etc. however I draw the line at wedding websites riding solo without the gentle guiding hand of a physical wedding invitation. 
wedding invitation suite with wax seal

They reduce stress in the final week's of wedding planning

  1. In the lead up to your wedding, guests start preparing themselves for your nuptials which often includes double checking the venue postcode/directions, ceremony time, dress code, directions to accommodation etc. When they haven’t received a physical invitation from you (that’s proudly displayed on their fridge obvs), they start the panic inbox search for your ‘E-invitation’. When they finally locate it (most often in the depths of their spam folder), guess what they do? Yep, thats right…they print it. And as for those guests who ‘don’t do emails’ & don’t have time to scramble through their inbox, they will be filling up your WhatsApp with allll the questions which is just what you need in the run up to your wedding. not. 

” Oh my goodness, I don’t have enough words to thank you. The invitations arrived in perfect condition & so beautifully packaged. I have sent them all out & have had so many messages telling me how beautiful they are!

I’m so glad we found you Corrie “


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